Feedback on a rejected track

Dear all, it would be great to have feedback on this track. What do you think is the reason why it is been rejected?


Thank you for your help!


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Hi, is that anything related to my help request?

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I like the composition a lot actually. My main critiques would be:

  • Your only variation is 4 minutes long which limits its flexibility for the user.
  • The style itself is pretty niche and there probably isn’t a huge audience on AudioJungle for this type of music.
  • From a mixing/production perspective, I think the guitar could use some reverb, it’s quite dry right now. Normally that’s not an issue but there’s a little bit of a disconnect between the strings, which sound like they are played in a concert hall, and the main plucked instrument which sounds like it was recorded in a studio. In general I think it’s best to be consistent with the soundstage, especially in a composition using exclusively live instruments.

But aside from all that I think the main issue is that this doesn’t really sound like a “stock music” track to me. It sounds more like a composition meant to be performed by a live ensemble than something meant to go in the background of a video or advertisement. Just my take on it though, I really like the track so I probably would have accepted it. I do think there are people out there who would purchase something like this, but they might be hard to find (and if you call your track something non-specific like “Seta” then they will probably have a hard time finding your track as well)


It’s a cool track. Could work in the background of a documentary with narration over it but in order for it to be commercially useful I would make it shorter because halfway through it develops suddenly pretty fast and goes into other keys etc.
Also the strings sound a bit cheap to me. Also at certain parts they seem lagging and sound wooly.
Good luck.

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Hi guys, thank you very much! Your reply is very helpful. Actually, this is an old piece of mine that I wanted to produce so it is not been thought of as a piece of stock music. However, after some rejections of some more functional music I wanted to try to submit an actual composition. Eventually, it did not work! The thing is that some similar pieces have been accepted before and I don’t think those were better than Seta. I have started music production in January and a lot to learn but at the present moment, I don’t know what kind of music to submit to AudioJungle!