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Typography is not good, your heading and content color are same

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Which demo is that ? because from what i see in the code heading color #222222 and body color #333333 !
Is it just a contrast problem or the hole typography needs work ?

Any way thank you for your time and your comment

Where are you people?

I see minor bugs, for example:

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Really thank you for the screenshots :smile: , Will do my best to work on fixing them.

beside this bugs, Would like to hear your idea about it ?

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Happy to help :smile:

About the template.
I like the idea, but typography isn’t quite ready to be accepted.
And what i don’t kind of like, is this , author should be full visible or full hidden before hover, not the middle.
Menu, it looks more like sidebar and it’s too small, it would be a lot better if fly-out menu would be twice enlarged.

One more minor issue here
and here

Oh heading font on your screen dosen’t work ! that’s for sure will destroy my typography :frowning:
I have no idea why this happened maybe it’s the cache since you checked the other demo, I opened the site even in a proxy and the heading font work well

I fixed most of the bugs u have mentioned, please if you are using chrome click on the menu icon and choose new incognito window open the demo sites on this window to see the changes.

menu enlarged

do you mean that ?

your screenshots are really helpful, thank you for that .
will appreciate it if you can take another screen from your incognito window.

Thank you again :smile:

I mean fly-out menu.

Looks better, but some bugs still exists.


And add placeholder to search bar.

the bugs are gone now :smile:

please take another close look and let me know if you find out more bugs, also what do you think about the typography do you think it’s still not good even with the working font ?

again thank you for your help.

Its not bad and there are some nice features - this is a very competitive category so always hard to give that much advice on it. (in bold are the main ones)

  • The typography still stands out to me as an issue. The “Bree Serif” font makes everything appear almost Bold’

  • I am not completely convinced by the icon filled background and how good that looks

  • The sub footer icons needs less padding between them and the line above

  • If it were me I owuld use 3 footer widgets just to retain the flow down the page

  • Almost certainly you should have alternate home page demos/blog layouts

  • I changed The “Bree Serif” font would you please take another look (don’t forget to clear the cache or open the demo site in a private window). also the user had advanced control over typography look at that image from the theme customizer.
  1. you are right about the filled background will redesign the svg icons and give them some sharp waves on the filled color.

  2. check the sub footer icons again now.

  3. I have updated the footer to 3 widgets, look again.

  4. I’am planing to add other 2 demos (and they already set up) but once the theme get accepted because I think that’s will help only with the sales, or do you think i should do that before submit to convince the reviewer more ?

one final word as a experience buyer, what do you think if I submit now will it get hard rejected or just a soft one? I will completely ignore submitting if you think there is a place for hard rejected.

  • It looks better already without the Bree fonts. I am still not convinced by some of the typography but it is not necessarily wrong

e.g. I would use a more serif font like Roboto for the P text, if you are going to use Domine then drop font size in the post previews from 1.0em to 0.9em

  • The footer looks better but I would still reduce the spacing, margins and padding (e.g. 60px to 30px on social icons, and lose the 25px margin on copyright) below everywhere so it looks more like this

  • Social icons themselves look very pixelated

  • Maybe add a logo or something to the preloader - it looks nice but could be made to feel stronger with another element

  • 1000000000% add the demos before submitting - no doubt.

  • The icon BG is a gamble. Again it could work but it is definitely not something anyone would expect to see

I still think there is a little fine tuning but it’s close - you are at a stage where it is probably blurring into one for you! It is also a very very competitive category which is becoming highly over saturated.

My buying habits are not the usual so that is probably not a fair reflection on any file going into submission - you have a good chance but the more you add now and the more you reduce any reason reviewers have to reject it the better

  • So you look for good x-height in fonts… I changed them all with little modify on spacing, take another look and give me your idea about it.

  • forget about that footer I can’t reduce the spacing it won’t work with the other minimal demo, but users can choose from 2 styles, take another look on it now. and really thank you for looking at the source code and trying to find solutions.

  • you are right the social icons looks really pixelated sure will work on them

  • hmmm logo or something into the preloader, I got your point but the idea not very clear to me e.g where to insert it? how to show it, with fade animation for example or what ? will think of the hole thing but if u have a clear idea will be happy to hear it.

  • Icons background, I know it’s something unexpected, it’s a gamble for sales but only if it works ! right now it’s not really work but I have many ideas and planes for it we will see how it will look when iam done.

you are absolutely right things are blur for me, I blame envato and the reviewers for that nothing is clear about the quality standard, and if you are going to give me a link to for the submission requirements will tell you that’s a bullshit. I would never use something like the javascript eval() function for a front-end template, I would never type the site title manually in something like a wordpress theme while there is wp_title().

Do you know what I did to understand the real quality standard for the code ? I bought some of the top blogs wordpress themes (SoloPine themes and sahifa theme) and studied there code. but that’s was the code, now what should I do with the design ? I looked at many and many blog themes and what I saw was a complete madness some of the themes like SugarBlog, Himmelen they are really professionals and beautiful themes, while others (I can give names if you want) just for opening them my browser took some time to response and the console showed many errors ! want to hear the worst part ? some themes because of time there live preview link is no longer working, You are telling me to add the demos before submitting while there is a blog themes out there only had one layout and nothing special about it just big title with big image and a paragraph text… seriously envato ?

I just want a clear answer what should I do to get accepted here ? why there is no clear submission requirements for the design quality something that says for example we are here accept flat, martial…lab lab lab designs something say use clear fonts with readable size, something say all the design elements must follow the same used design language.

I never submit anything here and I don’t think I will unless I become 100000% sure of what iam doing, but with no real documentation should I leave things for luck or for my reviewer mood ? sorry this is unacceptable.

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Unfortunately you will never get clearly defined ‘Design guidelines’ because there is no one size fits all.

For example in your case adding more demos and layouts suits the design and increases the chance of approval and competing with others (look at just about any in this style - they nearly all have multiple home page layouts). There are some which are very minimal in design in which multiple demos do not necessarily make sense.

There is also the question of subjectiveness (one of the many reasons that hard rejected files do not get feedback).

This is another reason to show your demo - how does a reviewer know that there is a demo that means the footer had to look like that if it is not demonstrated?

The logo on the pre- loader I would just potion above the % line just to add something to it - it won’t be a deal breaker but again t is all about adding anything you can.

At the end of the day this is your design and your file so it can look like you want it to. All I or anyone else here can do is provide feedback based on our opinion and experience of the market.

Of course it is frustrating but comparing to others is the worst thing you can do for your own sanity. As you mentioned a few of the bad ones you found are old and outdated so they cannot be compared to new submissions.

The reviewers job is actually very hard as:

  • every file, author, platform etc. is different (literally).

  • They get bombarded with files far worse than yours every day (hence why they cannot provide feedback on everything).

  • Personal opinion and author experience means that there has to be someone i.e. reviewers who makes a subjective decision to keep it fair and consistent a quality

  • If they approve less then people complain it is too hard or unfair; if they approve too many then the quality standard drops and people complain about that and the fact that they get less font page time etc.

In a market the size of this there will always be some files of lesser value than others that get through (it is the same in all the other ones too) but generally the reviewers and envato maintain a higher standard of quality than most which is what makes it the biggest and the best.

Yours is not far and you are pretty much at a point where you have to submit to see if it is enough but there is zero harm in adding as much as you can.

If a file adheres to ‘best practice’ and offers something that defines it’s ‘premium value’ as a stand out product then it has a good chance to be approved.

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