Feedback Before Submitting

Greetings everyone!

Could you please give me a feedback on my new track, “The Christmas”

As the upload limit is reduced to 2 tracks per moth, it is important to upload the best tracks of you.
So it is important to avoid rejection as much as possible.

Your feedback is invaluable.
Thanks in advance.

It’s a nice melody but It seems to me that it lacks some low end and dynamics, try to make it feel bigger and “full” (if that makes sense) after 0:14.
You could make it more exciting at 0:40, by altering the arrangement (maybe try horns?).
Also, the celesta feels quite loud, try to make it softer (maybe decrease the velocity?) and work on the percussions.

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It sounds very tight. There is a lack of dynamics, orchestra breathing. It feels like all the instruments have compressors. This is especially audible on the harp (very long unnatural sustain). Otherwise I agree with “Storment”.

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Thank you so much @Storment and @Romantic_City.