Feedback About New Plugin

Hello everyone,

I have launched my new plugin in 4 days ago but still i dint get any sale from that, i have spent almost 1 month or more than 1 month over it. i am looking for feedback about the plugin or suggestions to improve it.

here is the demo of the product.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.



I do not understand what your plugin is doing.

It’s not very clear what the plugin does straight away.

Is it a place to sell ads on your network? Is it a way to insert existing adsense campaigns within your wordpress content? Or only create your own ads to display on your own website? Or can ads be placed on multiple websites?

Maybe throw some screenshot examples onto the item page showing exactly what the user can do with the plugin.

“Content Monetizer” could also mean selling access to your content (i.e. pay $5 to read an article). That is what I thought the plugin did initially until I read more of the description.

thank you @dtbaker for your honest views on the plugin. so in your opinion its better to change the plugin name and add some more screenshots. initially its name was (ads in post) but after discussion on it i have changed it to (content monetizer pro)

hi @dtbaker my screenshots have been approved, can you check it now and give your precious cooments over it.