Need feedback on why item is not selling...

Friends, can you please give me your suggestions & feedback on the below item -

If you were a buyer, would you buy this ? If no, why not ?

Have you checked the analytics of the page? It might be just that not many customers search for this kind of item and so they don’t purchase it.

It’s quite well executed but a couple of possible reasons:

  • it’s relatively niche. Most buyers here who would need video management like that would be using WordPress

  • most using HTML templates or sites with that thoenofnintegration would probably be good enough to code their own solution

  • it’s only been out for 2 weeks and not something that people are likely to search for on mass

I will buy if the UI/UX is good.

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Send me an email to for some tips…

@Patchesoft: Around 20 per day. Shouldn’t I get 1 sale out of these ?

@macrodreams: Personally, I think the UI is quite good for this plugin. No?

@charlie4282: so will a WordPress plugin like this do better? We are already in the process of converting this to a WordPress plugin.

I would think so although it will always be a bit of a niche plugin that only certain types of sites will require.

I have one product that averages around 70ish visitors per day and some days it gets 0 sales.

@codehandling I think it can be better with Google material design guidelines

Based on the list of features of the pluggin i can say i would buy it. But i would do some work on the design to make it more appealing

@Booboone: Thanks but can you give me some examples as to how I can improve the design :slight_smile:

@charlie4282 @macrodreams @Booboone @Patchesoft @carvedcode : Thank You Guys for your feedback and help. I have made some upgrades to the design frontend and I can already see a nice increase in sales.

If you have any more feedback, let me know. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Great! I wish you success

Great news!!! you can also try improvising mobile and tablet view.