Wordpress Scanner: I need some reviews before going to market


I’ve developed a wordpress themes and plugin scanner. I need some review, to make sure it’s a selleable product. Can you please give it a try and report back your opinions?



to be honest: I can’t see why anybody should buy this plugin. You should offer this as a service, maybe ad-driven service, so whenever someone asks “hey, does somebody know which plugin they are using” they could just reply “no, but just go to www.yoursite.com and enter the url”.

The idea is to give to agebcy, web designer, a tool to increase their revenue. For example one can offer service like theme customization and create a landing page where attract traffic to and then sell their service. It’s also possible to add affiliate link to envato market.

Yes, that is what YOU should use, putting your affiliate link to the results.

According to your thoughts a lot of script on codecanyon are pointless.

No, I just believe that you wouldn’t sale many licenses. I believe you could make more money when you offer this as a service and put your referral link into the results.

You think your target audience are agencys and designers, but I think every web designer or agency is smart enough to just look into the source code of a website to find out, which plugin or theme is used. They don’t need your plugin. But there are many non-professional users which have no clue how everything works: they are your target audience, they don’t know how to find out which theme a website is using.

What’s premium about it? There are free tools online which do this so it’s crucial to offer something more of value.

I just found this great tool: https://www.wpthemedetector.com/

I thought that most customer of codecanyon are not skilled user that simply download something that they don’t know how to develop by themselve.

I see some script that are really easy to replicate, like this: https://codecanyon.net/item/atoz-seo-tools-search-engine-optimization-tools/12170678 that sell a lot.

Also theme are not that hard to develop and they sells thousands of license. However I will think about your considerations.

The premium about it is that a blogger for example instead of link to an existing tool, can link to his own page and increase his traffic and also earn money by adding affiliate links.

Looks good! We already made something similar a while back (WordPress theme detector script), though I love your design.

Maybe integrate the envato API so that buyers can make affiliate income.

Thanks for your suggestion.