Feedback about hard rejected item

Hello everyone. Can you guys provide feedback about this item. It was hard rejected within couple of hours of submission without any specific reasons provided.


Admin Demo:

Password: 123456

No response? Oh, well.

I’m new to Code Canyon. So far my two submissions have been hard rejected. At a glance it looks like this app you’ve made must’ve taken a decent amount of time. It seems to work well and it looks good. I see that you’ve had success here otherwise. Is it typical that Code Canyon just rejects days of work without any explanation?

I’m concerned that I’ve wasted time here.

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To be honest, I’ve had total 4 items approved here, not one was hard rejected except this one. So, yeah it bothers me so much not knowing what went wrong with this.
I mean they don’t even provide an rejection category for hard rejected items like (No Commercial Value, Too Similar) even then I’d know what not to do with my item. I’ve spent over 3 months creating this item. And it was rejected without providing an one word of reason.

Of the other 4 times, 1 was soft rejected which then I had to fix and resubmit.

I feel that Envato is severely disrespecting developer’s time and effort, and I find that annoying. The hard-rejection email effectively reads “I don’t like it. Please throw it in the trash and code something else.” Leaving developers to guess what Envato is looking for.

Exactly. I can take a rejection, it’s no big deal if they think this is not suitable for their marketplace. But they should provide at least one word reason for the rejection. Even messages like this would be helpful:

  • No commercial value
  • Too similar to other items
  • Copyright violation

Because then the author will know what is it they did wrong, they always say they “hope” our next submission will be off better quality. But how? If I don’t even know why my current item got hard rejected, how would I improve on my next item? The whole “no reason provided rejection” policy is demotivating and misleading. If you’re gonna reject, reject it, cool. But tell me why. And I’m not asking for detailed paragraphs, just one rejection category like the list would suffice.