Fee is very big

Envato suggested that I change the payment method to another in order to reduce the fee. A little earlier, payoneer created a commission of $25. This is a lot for me, so I decided to change the payment method to another. As a result, today I received an email from envato, where I saw what a crazy commission they charged me. I attach a screenshot

Ouch! I still didn’t receive mine. Hope I don’t find that insane fee.

That looks like a SWIFT fee (applied to a USD bank transfer payment that has been sent to a non-USA bank account). That’s the only $25 fee that I’m aware of, and it’s definitely the highest of all the fixed-rate fees.

Other methods should have lower fees, including payments to a Payoneer USD receiving account - I’m surprised to see a large fee quoted for that method, as both the sender (our payment provider) and Payoneer’s receiving account are based in the US.

If they are available in your country, local currency payments would definitely avoid that high fee as they’re sent via local banking routes, instead of using the SWIFT network.

PayPal is also still a USD option for most countries, but commercial payments are restricted to some locations (e.g. they only allow “friends and family” transfers to accounts in Ukraine).

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Thank you. How can I change my payment method back on Payoneer?

You’ll need some details from your Payoneer account first:

Log into your Payoneer account:

  1. Navigate to Get Paid >> Receiving Accounts
  2. Choose your USA account
  3. Under Account details you’ll find your routing number (ABA) and account number

Once you have those details, you can change your Envato payout method in the new system by going to https://author.envato.com/profile/payment - using the Bank Transfer method, with the routing and account details from Payoneer.

Full information can be found here:

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