February 15 SWIFT Withdrawals

@MNKY the money is already in your bank account? I thought it takes 3 -5 business days? Hmm

It usually takes no more than 12 hours in our country (EU state). But it will vary from country to country and bank to bank, can be as well 3-5 days.

I just got the money. All good.

Haven’t go to the bank yet, it’s late this time.

But still have problem with second payment, which was marker as processed but that amount is back to account balance. Nothing changed. Ticket created.

Have you checked this Changes to Split Withdrawals from January 1st 2016 ?

Yes, but as I understand its all about percentages, and we still can make multiple withdrawals to different countries? Or do I need to give to provide my documents first to be able to withdraw to my (second) country?

I still didn’t get it. Weird delay this time. Normally, I got it on the first day. Anyone like still did’t get like me?

Very weird, i have received on February 16.

Already received the amount in my bank account … Thanks Envato :slightly_smiling:

Received in my bank account. Thanks

Got money in my bank.

From January, the withdrawal fee reduced from $35 to $25 as announced. Along with this, it seems this month they are no longer deducting the “Sender’s Charges/Amount” (around $32.5 mentioned in the withdrawal message) which they used to deduct for many years in the past. Can someone clarify if the same happen to others?

Who is paying us? Australian or US company this month?

Where can we find the data of US company.


I don’t know about which company but the bank that transfers money is Commonwealth bank in Australia.

As per my bank’s Swift message, it says “Ordering Customer Details: ENVATO PTY LTD LEVEL 5 140 BOURKE ST MELBOURNE VIC 3000”.

Hello everyone,
I have this bizarre situation:
Was working with a single bank to receive funds from Envato for 4 years; never had any issues with them. However this month after withdrawal they contacted me and told that they cannot add funds to my account until I provide the contract and the invoice with Envato…
Have you faced similar issues and how did you solve them?

I still didn’t get the payment from Jan. Waiting for them to trace my money. :pensive:

I still didn’t get the payment. I have also open a support ticket yesterday “429702” but no reply from support :pensive:

@ XpeedStudio You should tweet your Ticket # @envato_help

H kingdog,

I didn’t receive the swift withdrawals since February 15. My ticket id is 434384. Could you help?