Fastest Mobile wp theme? amped?

Hey guys,

So here’s the deal, I’ve been testing themes that advertise amp ready and fast mobile sites using:

None are under 3 second load times. Why 3 seconds? because almost 50% of mobile users will leave your site if it takes that long or longer. (holy crap fifty percent!). So instead of paying for more traffic why not fix the speed bottleneck for more engagement?

Sure you have to consider hosting when testing.
So if a developer presented themes like this: (tested on the above sites mentioned here)
Fast mobile or amp.
Tested on
shared hosting: 60 out of 100 score
VPS (virtual Private Server) 80 out of 100 score
Dedicated Server 95 out of 100 score

I would pick my theme and whip out my credit card - boom sold.

Has anyone found a theme that has tested to be fast?


Check my portfolio. I only cater for Mobiles. Currently my server is propagating from a DNS change, but I think you can still check them. From my GTMetix tests, all my products load ( on my previous crappy server ) in under 3 seconds ( most of them in under 2 seconds ).

PS: I can also help you develop one with only the features you need if necessary and optimize it to load insanely fast. Cheers!

Thanks for the tip. I checked them out but it looks like they are not loading. Ill try again in a few days, I hope you can get your hosting fixed. From the image previews they all look great!

Actually I just tried the bemobile template and its loading fast. I checked the speed and its very fast compared to most sites. Thanks.

Cheers! My server is updated. Enjoy them at full speed! :smiley:

Nice job Enabled, keep it up