Need Help!! Site became slow

So I bought Marcell theme two weeks ago from envato. I was earlier using the newspaper theme and the site had no speed issues. However, the site has become significantly slow now, some pages open in like 15-20 seconds now. I think it’s the issue with the theme only and not due to any plugin or something as it was running all fine until I changed the theme.

Are you sure it’s not any plugin that’s causing it? I’m using the same theme and there seems to be no problem with it. In fact I’ve recorded a publishing macro which helps me publish hundreds of posts on automation. So if there was a speed issue, my macro wouldn’t have performed accurately anyway, which it does.

No, not a plugin issue, like I said it was working fine before changing the theme. Also, what macro??? I didn’t quite get it. Do you use any third-party tool for this or a WP plugin? Can you elaborate please?

Sure, so this is the tool I use. I’ve just recorded a post publishing macro with it and I now play it whenever I have multiple posts to be published.

Wow, sounds really good. Even I have some sites where I need to publish like 5-10 posts daily. I’ll try the tool tonight.