Extended licence for Impreza Wordpress theme?

Hi, I am new here. Hope this is the correct catagory.

I bought the Wordpress Impreza theme and I use it to build websites for my customers. I only can update the Impreza theme on my domain because i bought a standard licence I presume.

How do I get the possibility to update the Impreza theme on all my customers websites? Do I have to purches a licence for every domain? Or can I buy an extended licence? If so, where, I cant find it anywhere.

Hope anyone can tell me how :slight_smile:

Regards Peter

Hi @peter_van_dijck,

for each website you have to purchase unique license. one license only work for one website.
regular/extended license will work only for one website. each website require unique license.


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Iā€™d recommend clients buying their own themes.

While the envato plugin does make support and updates easier now than before, if you part ways with the client and you purchased the theme, then they will never have access to the core download, should they need it, or the option to extend support etc.