Exclusive Template

Hello guys,

Why don’t we sell some of our items exclusively, for example, we can add new items in exclusive category to sell it as exclusively for one client, and the price will be 100$ to 500$ depends on the quality, and once the buyers purchased it, the item will be automatically removed from the list.

What do you think?

I think $100 to $500 is way too little

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There is already Envato Studio. It’s much better for clients because they can get what they need.

I have just set the price as an example, let’s say the price will be open for authors as the current price system we have here.

Yes, I agree with you about the Envato studio is better for the clients, but this is a different case, for example, I’m dealing with a client wants a promo video in 2 days and I want it exclusive no one used it before, the Envato studio will not serve this case.

This is just an idea came to my mind :slight_smile: I don’t know if this is good for Envato or not, it needs some study I think

Well I think it is a nice feature to have. But unfortunately, the last 6 years I’ve been here requests and recommendations like this all fell on deaf ears. So I’m not really optimistic that this will get implemented ever, even if all authors are requesting it.

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This is exactly what Envato Studio do. Client want promo in 2 days, he order it from your service on Envato Studio. Or I miss something?

But in 2 days you can get super good quality like a template you worked on it for 2 weeks.

Probably not… but if they want custom work then they’ll have to wait. If they’re happy to use a template then they’ll use a template, and it’s unlikely to be a $400 one.

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