Promoting Your Templates

Hello, Videohive has become an integral part of my life, I have been working on templates with pleasure for 10 years and there are already more than 15 people in my team.

I would really like your site to have the opportunity to advertise content for authors (either definitely item, or albums or the entire portfolio). Let this option be paid, I am sure that many authors will pay for the promotion of their templates. For example, 10-50-100 dollars for a monthly promotion of the template chosen by the author. Or $200-300 for advertising a themed album. But the price will be set, of course, by yourself.

Those promotions that you arrange (free file nomination, discount etc) are definitely not enough.

It will be profitable and bring additional income to both you and the authors. You will receive a huge number of applications for such advertising, it will make you even more unique compared to other stocks and strengthen your position in the market.

Please think about it!


Great idea!

This is a nice concept, however, if it happens, the fee that Envato has set up for us should be removed; to the best of my knowledge, this fee is set aside to promote our products.

I want to promote one of my template, please let me know the procedure.

It seems to me that envato is doing everything possible to promote and even if they take extra money, it is unlikely that there will be a tangible effect, since the market is too crowded.