Exclusive or Non-Exclusive one more time

Hi All!

I am here as an Exclusive author 1 year already and my sales was pretty well till december 2015.
Now almost 4 month i have huge sales drop. My portfolio here (up to 200 items) seems COMPLETELY USELESS.
Since december i’ve tried to upload to other marketplaces my non-exclusive items and i got success there even with small portfolio.
In amount of total sales with other marketplaces for now AJ takes 3-4 place for me and every month AJ goes down with sales.
So my questions are:

  1. Make request to be Non-Exclusive and spread all my portfolio (almost 200 items) to other marketplaces.
  2. Move all my items to Non-Exclusive account (if it possible) and save my Exclusive account here with hope that sometimes may be i’ll have featured item or whatever featured can be because if I’ll become Non-Exclusive here i can’t get any privilege anymore in future.

What would you suggest friends?
Did anybody have same experience before?

No suggestions?

Hey man same here! Don’t know what to do

leave you portfolio as exclusive with all items uploaded and start to work with other stocks batter… i can’t find any profit of working on videohive as non-elusive… submitting became harder and harder… i know authors who had upload 500+ footage and 500 was rejected. this is only time loose.
so I work with other stocks first , and watching what will be here in month-two-three…

I do working harder and better for other stocks for now indeed and see that i am not wasting my time. But how about my big portfolio here which is completely useless and does not work any more. I just feel sad because my up to 200 items are lost and useless here. May be it will be working on other stocks. This kind of thoughts haunting me.

I think just to wait maybe couple month. if Envanto do nothing for change in politic - remove you portfolio here and upload for others. If you be here non-exclusive and there is no sales you get nothing too.
so i’ll do this if nothing change

4 month passed and nothing changed. Ok, let’s try to wait one more month and will see what happen. Things getting worse and worse here for me. But i think nothing will change everything will be the same here as now.

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If you got 200 useless items maybe changing into non exclusive is best option. In that way you can keep 200 tracks here and upload those to another stock markets too :wink:

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I’ve thought about it too. If you get about 2/3 the money for being non-exclusive compared to exclusive, it’s worth it with your portfolio. You’d only need to sell a similar amount of tracks elsewhere on another non-exclusive site to be in profit overall.

To wait for what? Do you know how many authors are there in audiojungle? How many tracks are online every day? Your last track is February, am i right?

Will not see any big changes if you are not active for 2+ months of course.
So don’t wait if some buyer “fall” to your portfolio and listren/buy 1-2 tracks of you.

Just work, upload your best track and wait… not for sales… wait and create your next track. Need luck of course to get sales. But don’t work for money only, work because you want, you like and the money will comes…

Listen what tracks are top, what buyers need and continue… Is not exclusive or not. What is the point?
When a track is not good even you upload it here or everywhere the result will be the same.


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I’m new on AJ since January. My first weeks were excellent, but end of January something changed and all I had afterwards were weeks with 1 or even no sales. I sold as much in a couple of weeks in January than in the 3 months that followed.

So begin this month I decided to go non-exclusive (should be definitive today). I loved to have everything at AJ, but sadly they changed something that doesn’t seem to work anymore for my songs. And yes, I’m on FB, YT, Soundcloud,… + I know a bit about SEO, so I don’t think promotion is the problem.

Another problem could be that my songs just don’t cut it. Going to other marketplaces and see how they sell there will be a good way to find out! :wink:

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I do sell similar amount on another place. The main reason is that i don’t want to lose opportunity to become featured in any kinds directions here. So if i’ll become non-exclusive it won’t be possible. May be just ask support to move all my items to non-exclusive account? Is it possible?

That is really is.

Good idea but it can’t always be like this. You need some feedback from your work you always need to see the reaction and response which is sales. So it is good to think positive and always believe that someday your day will comes here especially at very beginning but after a while in anyway there is opportunity that it won’t happen ever and may be better to think in other directions and see other places.

There a big competition my friend. We are in 2016.
If the year was 2008 you could upload a track every month, with a lot sales of course.

You can find other directions, other places whatever but as i said above:
“When a track is not good even you upload it here or everywhere the result will be the same.”

So, good luck friend!

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But if track good enough and sells very well in other places but not here what to think and to do now?

It is not about “good enough” or “high quality” it is about luck and about right place and right time. There are so many beautiful and well made tracks here but they lost and nobody see them.

I see no reasons to be exclusive while i can sell the same songs on many other websites…
Nowadays the trend is downward everywhere but averaging on several markets you can still make some money…

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I guess you are right.

The result is not always the same. I sold one of my last hard rejected tracks on other places for 34$ :slight_smile:

I talk about result of tracks, quality etc… Not sales progress.
How many times you sold this track for $34. When you upload it? Before some days, months?

You can sell any track which rejected here, this is not too strange. What is the point if you have 2-3 sales total in 3 months (for example) in other market? Just because you have reject from here?

The point is not to sell tracks to other marketplaces once, for big prices. The point is to have traffic.
If you believe the other market is more powerful, why you still have tracks at audiojungle as exclusive?