Envato update and API key

Good evening
I have to replace the old version of
Envato toolkit plugin: in a WordPress area with Kallyas theme.
at the end of the operation
I suppose I’ll be asked for an AP Ikey
my question is this: I am registered at the ThemeForest site but I did not buy the Kallyas theme; if I create the API key from my account, will this be valid?

Thank you

Hello @BarbaraMaffini

I am not sure if you are asking about the theme’s purchase code or about the Envato API key… but if you are using the Kallyas theme, without purchasing it…well…

From where do you have the theme?

The theme author, @hogash has put a lot of effort into creating&developing&updating this theme, so if you are using it, you should purchase a regular license of it.

(I’m tagging the theme author; hopefully he can help you further)


I agree with @hevada.
I think the api will not work as you din’t buy the theme and so you don’t have any purchase code. Most important thing to get theme activate/registered. because purchase code is the key of license.