I wan to buy the licence for an Old Kallyas Version

Hello guys, actually I’m working on a website project build over an old Kallyas theme version without Key. Now we want to buy one, in order to update de theme, but I’m not sure if the actual API Key working on my old version. I have the version: 4.15.14

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It will depend on where you got the theme from.

In theory, buying an up to date copy and installing that should be fine BUT you are talking about a 2-year gap between the copy you are running and the latest one so the process may not be that simple.

Also if the copy you have was from a questionable source e.g. Warez site then there could be all sorts of other issues to contend with,

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ok bro, I’ve no idea where come from this theme, because the guy that build it, just disappear and my client cannot contact him. Now I’m in charge of the project, but never working before with Kallyas or any Envato theme. Then what would be the next step? because I just don’t want to build everything again with new version theme, is a lot of work that is already done.

There is no simple solution - it depends on if there was custom work done to the theme, third party plugins in use and several other considerations.

The obvious move would be to back up what you have properly so that it can be reinstated if necessary, then buy a new license for the theme and add the purchase code. Again because you already have a copy installed this process is impossible to explain in a forum and comes with numerous caveats