Envato Trust Pilot Rating

Recently i was checking something on the Web and i found very bad rating on a Trust Pilot for the Envato Market.
Several 1 star ratings in a row?
I think that we all need to take care about product support and customer support.
At this moment average rating is 3.7 and that is very low for such company that we all represent. I understand that people are buying items and they don’t have any knowledge about it and in most cases things goes wrong. Buyers being frustrated and they leave a bad rating by the default, if we don’t provide any solution in a moment.
For the most of us, it’s a 10-20 minutes, sometimes up to 1 hour of free job, to help them, but the end result is at last a good review, positive feedback and returning buyer.
Think about it…

And Amazon has rating 2.2 :rofl:

Wikipedia - rating 2.6

Youtube - rating 1.8 :joy:

While it’s a fair idea you only need to read a small % of the reviews to see the kind of people who are leaving them

Unfortunately even if the majority of authors did invest more time in supporting items, I highly doubt it would make much difference given how clearly ignorant and uninformed many of these people are


Yes, I also saw this earlier this year. Bad Trust Pilot ratings are common through large companies, however, in case of Envato, something concerns me. If you check the latest reviews that land for Envato on Trust Pilot, the large majority of them (95%+) are 1 star ratings.
I understand that you cannot make everyone happy, but still, this high number of recent bad ratings is odd.
Maybe an Envato competitor is review bombing the company? Or those ratings are actually genuine and people are this frustrated with Envato (I highly doubt this…)?

Here are some example “ratings” that based on my experience selling on Envato are very hard to believe:

This is a straight scam. I spent thousands of dollars in buying themes, scripts, plugins and paid 1 year subscription fee for Envato Elements. I purchased a theme and their support literally abused and threatened me. Then they blocked my account. All of the money in drain. Lost all the products I purchased and they do not even bother to reply your email or support ticket.

Fraud! DON’T BUY. I purchased a theme and when i tried to activate it using the purchase code, It was incorrect. I headed to the website to recheck it, it was locked with no reason after couple a days of purchasing. I contacted them and no response! then after many days they replied saying “we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.” WITHOUT ANY REASON! This is The worst experience I have ever had!!


They are running an illegal operation be censoring bad reviews to make it look like everything on their platform is trustworthy! Their “authors” pay Envato to remove 1-star reviews & when confronted about why they keep removing my critical reviews they threatened to close my account!

Only to me these reviews seem like competitor review bombing? :thinking:

Unfortunately, you see similar ridiculous complaints on envato’s social channels and even here from time to time.

I doubt the competition has time to do this to make any significant impact, nor would it make a huge difference.

Ok, I understand. All we can do regarding this is doing our best so our customers will be happy with the products that we provide. I will also try to ask some of my customers to leave also Trust Pilot reviews besides of reviewing my plugins on CodeCanyon. Maybe like this, I will contribute a bit to increase the Trust Pilot image of the company.


It’s best to prioritise your products and building positive feedback around those.

If there are people who genuinely believe things like “Their “authors” pay Envato to remove 1-star reviews” then there is little hope for trying to manage people like that!

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