Is envato a scam? Is envato legit?

A while back I issued a 1* after more than a year since purchase because I was still having problems updating the plugin (activating the code), the next day support wrote. I thought they wanted to help. Instead, I was informed they were removing the feedback because I should’ve posted review within first six months. That’s all, no more replies. Topic blocked.

For a test I gave a positive review for another plugin, which I bought even few months earlier and… silence. The feedback is available after more than a month.

Does envato favour positive reviews by misleading users? Is envato scamming users with fake/biased reviews? This post does not break the rules, it should not be deleted.

Hi @kaka90pl,

I wouldn’t know the details behind the removal but the author would contact envato support team and they would make a decision based on their review policies.

Your negative review removed because the Author has contacted Envato support and requested to remove. Envato removed because you rated more than 6 months later.

Your positive ratings is available because there is no request from the Author.


If feedback can only be given within 6 months, it is just 3 lines of code even for student to turn off ratings after 6 months period.

However, how envato is trying to mislead people here is that if the feedback is negative = delete with excuse “uh 6 months!!11”, if good, leave the review, all good.

Envato thinks 6 months is enough time for the customer to review their purchased item and rate accordingly. If you provide feedback (negative/positive) with your honest feedback then the ratings will not be removed. for more details you can contact Envato customer support.