Envato themes cause Internal Error 500

Hi all. I need some guidance. I have purchased several envato themes and have had no problems installing them in the past. I am trying to install an envato theme on my client’s web host.

I install wordpress via softlicious on the CP. Installs fine.
I add the theme using the admin menu option. Installs fine.
Activate the theme and there breaks the site. No longer able to access wp-admin and the front end is a WSOD

I have also tried adding the theme via FTP
I am indeed uploading only the theme package NOT the entire themeforest package.
I have tried another envato theme that I recently purchased with the same results.

I have had several error messages (I have tried this multiple times).
Internal server error 500
Also an envato_setup .php error

Any ideas or suggestions out there?

I would strongly recommend you avoiding Softaculous installations! Most hosting providers are cheating with slightly modified versions of the software installed automatically to better fit their own “limitations”. Also, Softaculous installations often create non-standard HTACCESS files and set non standard folder permissions.

Whenever possible, always install wordpress manually and make sure there is no HTACCESS on higher directory level limiting the installation folder rights.

It’s most likely a server error on your end, and not a theme problem.

I could offer paid support, if you’re interested in:

This did seem to be the issue! Thank you.