Error uploading Webly theme for wordpress

Hi everyone,

I am a new user of envato product. I’ve bought an webly theme for wordpress from Themeforest.

Every time, i tried to upload it on my wordpress blog, i received this error message: HTTP ERROR 500

and i don’t have anymore acces to my blog.

Then, i have to restore it from the database on OVH.

Can someone help me the about this issue ?

Thank you all

If you got 500 error message in your web server then you can install the theme at your localhost pc. If you can install the theme in your localhost pc then please contact your hosting provider and let them know about 500 error.
I would like to recommend you please contact your hosting provider they will investigate and hope will give you solution for this.

Hi mgscoder,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Is the nstallation at my localhost the ftp way ?

I also try to install this webly theme via ftp but it doesn’t work either.

Thanks for your reply !

Are you defintiely only uploading the theme folder and not the entire download?

You have to download the Item from your Envato Dashboard Downloads then have to unzip and you will see a .zip file name with matching your theme name. You have to install that themename .zip file.

If you still facing error 500. Please cotact your hosting provider. If your hosting provider tell problem is in theme then Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author and let them know.


Hi Charlie4282
Inside the folder oh the webly theme, there is another folder “Webly”. It is that one, i’ve uploaded on the server via ftp and it doesn’t work.
Thanks, i will send send right now a ticket to the hosting provider.