Envato Team support - no response since 11 days

As above - no response since 11 days. My ticket nr is 1370589

;] any help ?

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hey Paul, what happened my friend? why did u open your ticket?

Very strange. Today I received an answer to the ticket that I sent yesterday

there are questions about LTD company and relations to envato, taxes etc. Normal technical questions which I can get only from envato support. ;]

did u renew your request ever since? maybe this is sort of “lost” …

Actually one of the Envato Elements Support Staff Member will take care off my case on the Elements and also on the Market - so he told me he will take care of my case complex.

So my problem is way more than solved because now I don’t have to jump around between the market and elements to keep things together for my company which is just excellent behavior.

And this is what i call pro support.

:slight_smile: things are going good

happy for u Paul

thanks for the comment at my new item :slight_smile:

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