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Hello there,

This is my first post on this forum as I have been trying to set up my theme for weeks. I need to specify that I’m an absloute beginner in this field.

Not only did I completely fail at it ; I also managed to mess my website page up by trying to import my demo content thrice (I tried to customize my webpage manually after my first attempt, but unsuccessfully).

However, after purchasing your theme, next to the “download” box lies another one stating “Install theme”.

Hence my question : is an envato studio freelancer fit to set up a whole blog (personal categories, website appearance, …), or is he/she only here to install Wordpress, the theme and import a demo content by namely clicking on the dedicated section (which the indication seems to indicate) ?

The description is rather vague and I would be extremely grateful to anyone who might enlighten me.

Many thanks and have great week-end,

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Mathis Claudel.

With my knowledge base, you only get some basic installation. To get more, you need to pay more.

Hello !

Many thanks for your answer. Do you know anyone I could address in this respect ? I’m ok with paying more as long as it’s worth it.

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Mathis Claudel.

You can still look on studio for reputable freelancers to do more work on it.

A lot depends on what you want done as to how complex or expensive it is.

It’s also worth reaching out to the author - they may be prepared to help free/paid and know the theme better than anyone

Such as @charlie4282 answer, you can try get help from your author is better than anyone.

But if you want do more and your author not provide support for it, you can looking any freelancer you want and with high recommended from the old customers.

Also, you can hire me to do this request for you because I’m a freelancer. If you want more discussion with me, please send an email to: outsource[at]designerresource.org.


Many thanks to both of you. I’m already in touch with the author, but I can’t really ask her to do all the stuff I need. I’ve been trying to do everything on my own but my informatics skills (and my time) are quite limited.

May I ask you where I can serach for a recommandable freelancer ?

Charlie4282, I’ll send you a message right away, thanks for the offer.

Best regards,

Mathis Claudel.

this is highly recommended to save any data before trying to change it , in case, something wrong happens, after that if u ever contact a guy who is proficient enough in TF they will be able to do what u need easily , u just need to get to reach a deal with one of them on how much that will cost u indeed

Yeah if you bought new theme, want to setup theme with complete demo content, you can directly order our service here:

In simple we will do Fresh wordpress installation with your purchased theme and configure theme demo content so later you can overwrite/replace content with your own website content.