Envato sent me a hard rejection summary email without any reason

I uploaded a project built with react and bootstrap on 1st of June. The item disappeared from the queue on the day after and today I unfortunately got just an email without any proper reason:

Here is the url of my project I submitted to themefores:

We had been working for so long hoping this time, we would go through the review.

I would like professionals to share their opinions on this. What would you suggest us guys?

There’re too many free options such as WordPress plugins etc. as well as WA Groups, TG and these scripts is not wanted/desired any more

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you can make your new design from scratch (you can’t download another template, etc.)

It is not a wordpress theme of plugin. Its a React based template.

I am afraid its not the copied or downloaded version. We built it from scratch trying to match the modern use cases.

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You’re missing my point. You can easily create groups on WA/TG and other systems. Why should anyone pay for the script when there’re free alternatives?

But I have seen similar items went through the review and are selling on Envato. So far, I developed the template hoping that it would be a great boost for a chat application project.

Probably they got approval a while ago ( one or two years back ) and/or they have better/unique features.

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