So now we can get hard rejections based on design months later?!



Hi community! I just wanted to share my “recent” experience on Themeforest. About a month ago, I was informed that the WordPress version of one of my templates was accepted after 4 rounds of soft-rejections and then shortly thereafter disabled for the reason of design similarities to one of MY other templates. There are always similarities, especially among ones own work. However, I am open to such a reasoning, but I would expect it to start with my html template, and not months later! You cannot accept this template and then after months of WordPress development, start saying the design is too similar! How can we do business like this? If you accept the html template and even other cms versions, it is absolutely unacceptable after months to start coming up with this reason! I cannot run a business with the fear that you change your mind weeks or months later. Saying that it was a different reviewer cannot be a valid argument, since they should all work according to the same guidelines.
What also bothers me, is that there have been emails back and forth with support / quality management with no result till this day. For almost four weeks now, I am waiting on a decision on this matter and not getting any more replies. This is very frustrating to say the least.
Thank you for reading!


There seems to be no coordination among the reviewers. Everyone has a different opinion. If you can check this thread, we are also frustrated the same as you are.


Hi Tobias. Really sorry to hear about the situation you’re in. I’ll ping Matt the Elite Author Manager to see if he can find out what’s going on for you. Until then, thanks for understanding and for your continued patience. :thumbsup:


Very frustrated was that we got disabled the item, and never got any comments, any emails nothing. And this is not only one situation when Envato deal like this.

Now I have multiple questions, that I would like to hear an answer.

  1. I got level 8, and is already few months and never got what was promised. Is that exactly how Envato take of their Authors ? That’s banal, but that say a lot.

  2. Envato will never protect us for anything, we got another item soft disabled, one of weekly top items, for a ridiculous comment, and even if we have submited after 2 hrs of soft disabled, reviewer have review the item after few days, and of course our item doesn’t came any more as top seller.

  3. One of our items got accepted and never got on homepage,they had a bug, when I sent a ticket, they said they cannot do nothing ? So you are working for months on an item, and everybody from here understand how important is to stay longer on homepage… and now what ?

Is that fair ? Is there on envato a place for us ?


Hey Tobias,

I’ve reached out to the review team. They’ll be in touch with you shortly with an update on this.

Feel free to hit me up if you need anything else.


Hi Matt!

The Quality Team Leader sent me an email saying that he will be tied up for another week or so…

But thank you, at least I got a response now.



Thank you Scott!


And another 3 weeks have passed…


Still no reply from Envato?


Hi @weibergmedia - hit up matthewcoxy, I know he’ll be glad to help look into for you - see his post/offer above. :thumbsup: