Envato selling defective items?

I recently purchased the (MOD: item details removed)… Seems like a lot of pleople are having problems with it, me included. Anyone know if this kind of thing happens often in this site? I can’t even contact them to warn them about this defective product their selling.

Have removed the item details… please don’t call out staff, users or items in the forums.

If you get in touch with the author then I’m sure they’d be happy to help. It’s sold hundreds of times and still has a five star rating… and although there are a people in the comments having trouble with the item, the author has responded to every issue, which always appears to fix the problem. I didn’t notice your name in the comments, so it might be worth adding a comment with the issue you’re having and I’m sure the author will do what they can to help. Or you can use the contact box on their profile page.

I have left a comment in the comment section did somebody delete that too? And I did contact the author. No answer so far.

I see it now, it wasn’t there when I checked earlier. Keep in mind that a lot of authors are 'one man band’s, so may not be able to get to you right away. It does look like he responds to all comments though, so hopefully he can sort the issue. I did find this though, that has a bit of a troubleshooting section…

It’s a different item, but the same kind of action from the same author.

To ensure your Photoshop document is setup correctly to run an action, please check the points below:

Make sure you are running the English version of Photoshop. If you are not using the English version, you can follow this procedure demonstrated in this video

Your Photoshop document must be in RGB color mode. To check this, go to the menu Image -> Mode -> RGB Color

Your Photoshop document must be setup in 8bits/Channel. To check this, to the menu Image -> Mode -> 8bits/Channel.

Use a high resolution photo. Recommended sizes are between 1500px – 4000px. For images under 800px, you increase the likeliness of an error occurring as there is not enough pixels for Photoshop to perform certain tasks.

If the action requires brushes for it to work, please ensure your brush opacity is set to 100% before playing the action. If brushes are included in the download, then they must be loaded into the brushes panel and set to 100% opacity before playing the action. This step is demonstrated at the beginning of the action tutorial.

Check that your photo is setup at 72dpi or greater. A photo with a dpi less than 72 can cause actions to throw errors. To check this, go to the menu Image—> Image Size and check the Resolution number.

Thank you so much for taking the time trying to help me with this issue. I restarted my computer and everything works fine now… I was frustrated as all the requirements were as recommended! Again, thank you!

No worries, glad you got it sorted!