Complaint about Fraudulent Products - Envato Elements

Hi There

There are so many fraudulent products in the envato elements catalogue when it comes to photodigital editing. I downloaded a bunch of actions for Photoshop and Lightroom and probably 1/3 actions sold is just the same crappy action (not at all what is advertised), and then duplicated 15 times to make it look like it’s different formulas for the action. The download package lacks any identifying info so the customer can’t figure out which package of actions came from whom, and accordingly complain, so your authors are literally scamming your system and creating junk content and getting paid for it.

One such example is this file hdr-photoshop-actions-2021-08-29-04-02-30-utc Go ahead and download and install it and you’ll see it’s the same action duplicated and it’s not at all what is advertised. I hope you can create a system for customers to flag these because it’s super annoying.