Envato really needs an update. I'm sure you all agree. Also, We need some discussion here.

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It’s SimpleSmart from Graphicriver. I’m writing here about Envato Review Team’s Process.

We all know that sales have deteriorated dramatically in recent years. Unfortunately, lately, the Template Review Process is very slow and the feedback is too biased, which makes it difficult for us to improve our own templates and further increase our sales. However, I am still actively working on improving my work and creating more.

Unfortunately, I am very disappointed that the Envato Review Team is slowing things down rather than being supportive. Instead, we should be more creative and focus on increasing repeat sales.

Envato really needs an update. ​​I’m sure you all agree. Also, We need some discussion here.




Yes you are right. The review process is too slow. My template is now already the eleventh day in the queue and that is definitely too long. This is especially true for products like flyers that are created for specific events. By the time things go online, the date of the event is sometimes already past. Not a good development. I’m also convinced that these online marketplaces have their best days behind them and you can’t make a living with them anymore.


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I wholeheartedly agree with you, but I’m also pretty sure that Envato isn’t going to do anything at all.

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I have no direct knowledge on how it all works, but I can say that the number of authors and item submissions has increased substantially and continues to do so. I remember a few years ago they said that they hired a bunch more reviewers to try and speed up the process, but the sheer amount of daily item submissions is very high, so I can see why it’s not the fastest.

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As far as I have noticed the old reviewers have been replaced new ones and in the categories in which I work before everything went much faster without many problems… today it’s going in such a painful way that I lose the will to upload anything at all, time is too long and some nonsensical problems they happen, mostly a much worse process than before.

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A couple years ago when you got great reviewers like Egotype, At-ht, Constantin Pontorac you knew that your flyer was not good enough when it was rejected.
You also got HQ designers Rembassio, N2n44, Godserv, Saltshaker911, Royalflush2014, Stormclub, Briel, Yanik-v, Sevenstyles and some more.
They all left Envato except N2n44 and Rembassio.
The last 2 years when a flyer is rejected you really have no idea why because they approved a lot of the same crap from quantity designers.
A busy background, a female model and a lot of text.
The whole review process is wrong.
You also gets the same standard feedback, im sorry… because of the standard requirements.
bla bla bla.
Just wonder why they left this marketplace Envato…