Envato Purchase code for UNCODE theme not working

I took over a website from another designer. They sent us the Purchase certificate for the UNCODE theme. However the Item Purchase code is being rejected. The original designer assures me it’s valid and hasn’t doubled up. However the code won’t work. Thus I cannot update the theme or the theme plugins.

I contacted help@market.envato.com and they said to contact the theme author.

When I try to login to UNCODE via my Envato account, support it recognises that I don’t personally have UNCODE in my account so won’t support me on trying to fix this problem.

I’m going around in circles here, and really just want to get this theme updated and move forward on this job.
Can you help? The original designer sent me the purchase certificate which I sent to Envato in my original support request.

Not sure what to do next but my client is getting impatient.

Please help!


BTW: I tried unregistering and re registering with the correct purchase code but no luck! Still says Envato purchase code invalid!

  1. you could use the author’s profile page contact form but it’s never straight forward when the purchase was not from this account

  2. the best option would be for the client to buy a version themselves so they have support, updates etc. for the item they are using.

  3. could the original designer not send you the latest version? (granted that’s only a temporary fix)

  4. why can’t the orignal designer create an app using envato’ API and grant updates that way? https://build.envato.com/api/