"That purchase code is for a different Envato product"

I’m trying to get help on 2 themes I’ve just purchased. I’ve downloaded the documentation and license certificate and entered the purchase code. This is not my first time getting support on themes; this is the proper code. However, I am getting the error “That purchase code is for a different Envato product” regardless of author and theme I’m asking for help on. Can anyone assist?

I just tried running a buyer’s purchase code through the API and everything looks normal, so I’d say give it another try in case there was a temporary issue.

If it persists, it is definitely odd that two different items are reporting the same problem, but perhaps you can contact the authors with the purchase codes and they can check it for you.

You can also reach the Envato Help Team at the link below and they can make sure everything is in proper working order:


I submitted a ticket to them. I hope it can get resolved soon. Thanks.

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