Productcode not working

Please help! My productcode is not working. See (ticket Id removed by MODS). Nou doe several days whating for reply.

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This is about your purchase item issue you have to getting touch with Envato Support Team hope they will help you out from your issue.

If your purchase item does not match with their(item author) item description then you can ask for refund.

Envato Have some Policy about refund

You downloaded that item in this case envato policy you don’t deserve refund.


Thanks for answering but how long it will take for answering helpdesk? Is it normal it take so long?

Can somebody give me the right link helpcenter for productkey?

product key item purchase key ?
This is Purchase code link:

Where you ware going for support ? Item author or Envato Support Center ?

Yes i know and did but code is invalid.

Both help center i tried.

I can not install now.

if your purchase item code is invalid then contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you in this issue.
And my opinion wait for their reply keep patience.

Here you will find about Themeforst Theme installation guide

What help center us the right one? And thankyou for helping!

Here you will find your purchase item author contacting link

see this video about author contacting