Item Purchase Code


if I buy a nice 2018 theme and keep all the files including the one with the Item Purchase Code.

how come inserting it where required is not recognized by forcing me to purchase the theme again?

and i can’t contact the team of this site…
i can’t contact the team of productor…

Could you have it registered already?

Why not download it again and make sure the number is correct?

You can try contacting envato support or the author using item comments, but I would start with the above first

thank you, you had registered for another project, the old domain is no longer existing and I would like to use the theme for a new project … how do you get the manufacturer to cancel the old registration?

You’d need to contact the author with your purchase code and ask them to help

all this is difficoult…because when i try the support page give me an error on purchase code… mah

You can use the form bottom right of their profile (make sure you are signed in)

YES! i find it! THK