Envato, please stop breaking the Statement API!

Sorry for being a bit salty, but this is the third time this has happened in the past year.

  • First, you introduced author fees and added them to the statement.
  • Then, you separated customer support from the item price and added that to the statement as well.
  • And now with the US taxes (which I can rant a lot about, but that’s another topic) - they affect your account balance, you can see them in your statement page, but they are NOT reflected in the Statement API.

I have been trying to make an app for the past two years - SalesRobot. The API is supposed to enable such apps to exist, not brake them every 3 months. Please reconsider the way you go about changing what’s in the account statement.

Rant over.

Can confirm.

Tax details shown in online statement:

Tax details shown in CSV statement:

No tax details in API statement:


They should all be grouped together under a single entity (with toggle)

It’s incredibly unreliable to find out which items are related to eachother in the statement API and CSV file.

We have Order ID and Item ID which can be used to group “sales” together in the statement CSV file (as long as someone doesn’t buy two copies of the same item in a single order).

But we have no way to “link” sales together from the statement API results. All we get is Author Fee for sale IVIP7535586 and there’s no way to know which item that relates to. We have to rely on timestamp and chronological order and just hope nothing doubles up.

It would be really nice if it was grouped like:

   "kind": "sale",
   "item": "Blah",
   "list_price": "43.21",
   "earning": "12.34",
   "taxes": { ... },
   "fees": { ... }

I agree with dtbaker. API is useless in current state. How i should calculate the earnings based on these statements ?

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