Statement details available on the API

Hi all,

Alex here from Envato. We have just released a new feature in our API that allows you to retrieve details for all the transactions within your account, as currently shown on the Statement page. The data available is similar to what you’ll see if you chose to download your Statement CSV, but it’s now in an easier to use format, and you can use it to build applications and tools for authors!

Check out our API documentation site ( and search for “get /user/statement”. We’ve added a new permission that you’ll need to add to your OAuth applications or personal tokens ( before you can use the new feature - look for “View statement transactions”.

Let us know in the comments how you might plan to use it.

@AlexMcG - Is there any way so that you can implement a feature via the api so that we can actually download the invoices in pdf format ?

The reason i am asking is because at the end of each month i have to take all the invoices and give them to my accountant, and i have created a app that connects to envato and downloads the invoices one by one and converts them from html to pdf and then prints them. Now, this app scrapes the data using my session cookie and i’d like to be able to do same thing via the api, would look less hackish.

Any change to have this implemented?

Thanks for this new API endpoint.
However, parameters “from_date” and “to_date” only return a certain amount of data and not the entire range date because of the pagination. And because the json object doesn’t include any information about the pagination number it’s quite long to retrieve a month of data for example. It will be great to have the possibility to retrieve at least a full month of statement (even if the response is a little bit long, for this kind of data it’s not really annoying).


Yes @AlexMcG would be great to have pagination details in the json somehow? Also will an “order” ever be cut off in a json result (e.g. one order spread across two paginated requests)?

###Sample WordPress Plugin:

This very simple plugin will output your recent item sales on any page you put the [envato_recent_sales] shortcode onto. This makes use of WordPress transients for caching API results.

I’m putting this here to show an attempt at grouping multiple statement line items into “Item Sales”, and we also try to attempt a guess at the item List Price.

Hi @twisted1919 Unfortunately, functionality for bulk download invoices is not on our runway at present.

Thanks for your questions @dtbaker and @Theme-one we are looking at better ways to handle the pagination and will have an update hopefully soon. Yes @dtbaker it would be possible to have an order come on different ‘pages’ in teh current implementation.


Hello @AlexMcG

Thanks so much for adding this.

One feature missing is the ability to filter it by “Item_ID”. (parameter) Please please add this too… I’m sure that’s not hard.

So please let me know once you have update… Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

Awaiting a positive reply :smiley: