Dashboardplus Statementer stop working today

Dashboardplus (userscript by @dtbaker ) stop working today, looks like Envato changed some statement structure. I see JS error - http://take.ms/rsRsE (screen).

Hope @dtbaker can fix this soon :slight_smile: Script loaded from //dtbaker.github.io/dashboard-plus/

Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: I’ll be back on a computer this afternoon and I can debug the issue. It’s most likely a slight change in the statement CSV file.

Thanks it working now!

Sorry, but the idea was actually mine. No problem to thank Dave for the ongoing maintenance of the script since I haven’t much time to keep an eye on it. :slight_smile:

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Yes all credit goes to @revaxarts who created this awesome script!

also check support included amount is not decreasing the fee.

The script hasn’t been updated yet. Actually I currently have no idea what all these numbers mean :confused:

Just to report. Seems like the statementer is counting support pack(both included support and extended support) into sale records too.

Thanks! :smile:

Statementer table has a bug, it’s showing me other autor sales instead my sales. Check it please.

The same issue here, @dtbaker please check. We see NOT OUR items and incorrect sales data for it! Maybe bug in Envato API (otherwise I don’t understand how we can have access to not our data).

Same situation here. My Dashboard script display data another user (with very good sales actually :slight_smile: ) but not my

Hey guys, thanks for your attention! The wrong output is caused by the recent support changes. Since support is a type of “sale” Statementer counts it as a sale.

I (we) will update the script when the statement CSS is “final” so don’t rely on the data right now and use the Earnings page (which shows some pretty good info imo)


The issue here is that data sales from various authors are being displayed as well. That’s considered a data breach that we just reported and should be fixed immediately from Envato.

Hey I’ve just put a little update into @revaxarts dashboard plus script to support the current statement CSV format. It will also show a new section with a list of any 12 month support extensions you have received (I don’t have any yet so haven’t been able to test it fully).

Anyway the prices should add up correctly now. Give it a whirl

@dtbaker Extended support table work incorrectly. Today we get 2 extended support sales for 1 the same theme, but your table show that we got 4 extended support sales for first theme (should be 2), the same issues with our other theme sales from other day (your table show 2 sales, but we have 1). Maybe your script check “Author fee” deduct as sale. Check it. http://take.ms/5DmU9 (screen). And strange thing that SOMETIMES when I update page I see 3x more sales that should be. I just refreshed page and see this - http://take.ms/PGO1Q (screen). The same sales, but now I see it 3x times duplicated.

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Hey thanks, found the issue (just forgot to clear a variable on recalculation), I’ll be able to fix it tomorrow as I’m off to bed :slight_smile: