Dashbord plus issue in statementer sales table

Hi, i want to report a problem in statementer sales table. This is why different amount is in earnings page and in statement page.

Included support sales are not decreased with fee price and it’s larger price than it should show in table, check it please


Thanks :smile:

I’m refering on my statement page with csv file and it’s not same:

item = 17$

i have 70% rating.

in csv file i earn 8.5$ (item) + 3.4 (inluded support) = 11.9.
same is 17$ * 70% = 11.9$

but in statement sales table is 8.5$ from item + 4.04(inluded support) = 12.54$

it’s issue, everyone can test it and will prove this issue.

Thanks :smile:

Hi guys!

I’m aware of the problem but since Envato hopefully do some changes to the CSV in the near future I wont update the script.

So please just be patient :slight_smile:

Thanks @revaxarts , I just wanted to inform for this.