Envato, please enforce a minimum time limit before allowing buyers to fill for a refund!

I just got a refund request from a customer just after two hours since he purchased one of my apps. 2 hours.
I offered to help/provide support but the guy didn’t even wanted to hear about this, he requested his refund. After he downloaded the app.

I really don’t care about the value of the sale, i usually approve refunds that make sense, but this one looks like an abuse, something that all buys can do. We all know what happens if we deny the refund. And we all know how long it takes Envato help with removing bad ratings.

This is why Envato should enforce a minimum time limit where the buyer is not allowed to fill in for a refund.

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What difference would that make though… surely you’d just be delaying the inevitable? If you ‘offer to help/provide support but the guy didn’t even wanted to hear about this, he requested his refund after two hours’… then how likely is it that you ‘offer to help/provide support and the guy did want to hear about this, and he didn’t request a refund after 6/12/24/48 hours’?


Agreed. “Mistaken purchase” is one of the most common refund request reasons. Putting in a waiting period would be very frustrating for the customer

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Don’t know if it works like this now but it would be nice to trigger a warning message when the customer enters “mistaken purchase” stating that it is (officially) not a eligible refund request.

How about for the authors, how do you think it is for authors ?

It makes a difference. Because it will back-off people that purchase and then ask for a refund right away. Or at least it is a step in the right direction.

It will back off people who ask for a refund straight away… but it will just create a whole bunch of people who ask for a refund later.

Will it stop these people asking for a refund letter on when they’re allowed to? Probably not.

I can appreciate that it’s frustrating giving a refund, but that frustration is unlikely to be lessened if it’s 48 hours further down the road.

dont give refund for that reason on my side i do not care about a bad rating i prefer my dignity than a refund for stupid reason if we all start to give refund eyes closed that will open door for illegal site to buy and never pay the product they purchase. There is about 3 or 4 step you need to click to purchase 1 item if you end to select the wrong one you are the only one to blame.

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