Envato Market WordPress Plugin (beta)



Hi All,

I’m excited to announce the new Envato Market WordPress Plugin. When installed into WordPress the plugin notifies buyers of updates to their Envato purchased themes and plugins, and allows installation of updates directly from within WordPress. We are initially launching the plugin as a beta in order to get feedback from buyers and authors on usability and likeliness to use.

The new plugin replaces the Envato WordPress Toolkit which uses the old API and will therefore be decommissioned along aside it early next year. There are some key differences between the toolkit and the new plugin, namely; the new plugin updates both themes and plugins, it uses the new API with OAuth, it updates itself when a new version is available and doesn’t require authors to integrate a complicated library into their items.

Including the plugin with your items
Instead of packaging the library with the download file (as you did with the old Toolkit), authors just have to include the github.php file with their item. This file will always direct buyers to the latest version of the plugin, meaning no more manual intervention when the plugin is updated.

You can download the plugin directly from GitHub. Buyers should be able to install the full .zip file as a plugin into WordPress, and Authors can find the github.php file in the ‘inc’ directory within the .zip file.

Existing users of the Toolkit will be notified of the new plugin and will be able to install the plugin directly from within WordPress.

Using OAuth
After activating the plugin, users will need to provide an Envato API token so that the plugin knows what items you’ve purchased and has access to get updates on your behalf. If the token is to be used in a site that is owned/run by you then you can generate a ‘global token’. If you’ve purchased the site on behalf of a client/someone else then you might prefer to generate a ‘single use token’ as it will only show updates to the nominated items (instead of all your purchases).

How does it work
Once the plugin has been activated and you’ve provided a valid API token, the plugin will intermittently check for updates to any purchases made on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon. You’ll be notified of any updates via the Dashboard > Updates, and Plugins menu items in the WordPress admin.

You can then download and install the update by going to the Envato Market menu item, and selecting ‘Update Available’.

Deprecation of the Toolkit and the old API
Once we have a good amount of feedback on the new plugin and have made any necessary changes to get buyers and authors onboard, we’ll be deprecating the Toolkit and the old API. At this stage we do not have a date for the decommissioning of the Toolkit/old API but we hope to have more information in January so stay tuned. Once we do have a date you’ll be given a fair amount of time to move over to the new plugin/API.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on the new plugin. In particular did you find it easy/hard to use, and are you (authors) willing to include this with your items in its current form or after specific modifications are made.

Many thanks,

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Better to include a link I think. :slight_smile:


I’ve just tested it, awesome work! I really like the idea that you can install themes or plugins from the list in the dashboard now, not just update the ones you already have. Love it!


Great plugin! Lots of detailed UI work on there. Love how easy it is to install purchased items.

(Hijacking thread) There’s also a little theme installation wizard available for testing. This makes use of the new Envato market plugin. Details: Fully automatic Plugin Install + Default Content + oAuth Theme Updates in a Wizard. :smile:


Ha. Rookie mistake :blush: Pasted the content and lost the hyperlink in the process. I’ve update the original now and here is the correct URL: http://envato.github.io/wp-envato-market/


Nice work!


Fantastic work!

So all we need to do is include the github class in our plugins and that will prompt the customer to install the updater plugin?

Can’t wait to get rid of TGM and manual updates…


Just tested, and it works an absolute treat. Well done.


Just curious, how does this plugin and the updates affect the “daily download limit”, if at all? Is this limit per user, or per item?

I’ve been working on a solution for my Drupal products for automating updates, but recently found a post (by @dtbaker I believe) stating that the download limit no longer exists. It would be nice to know how the download functions in the new API have a cap. :slight_smile:

Call to all developers. Conform to the Wordpress update mechanism!!

This is great news!

I have tried it with two successfully generated Global OAuth Personal Tokens (the second token with all permissions checked) on localhost (XAMPP) and a live website.

On both I received this error: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/0795hqfz64

I have purchased in total 94 items from Envato Market.

I deactivated the plugin, thinking that too bad it’s not working, but then I thought about checking the error log, to see if something is wrong and I activate it back again…and surprisingly after reactivating it, now it works!!

So if it doesn’t work for you either, just deactivate it and activate it back again.

And by the way, it looks great, I am definitely going to use it if we are allowed.


The current limit is 20 times per 24 hours

This plugin only generates the “download URL” right before it downloads the item/update (not every time an update is available). So there shouldn’t be any trouble hitting limits.


This is really aswome… how do I include this ?

Do I ask the buyer to install this or.
Do I need to get this packed with my plugin ?


Good job guys :smiley: I wish it could do TGM class (plugins active) work too :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Mate. That’s a great Job.


Good work :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: cmsmart.net


I don’t see why you couldn’t use TGM just like any other plugin, it’s just not the supported method and you need to make sure you are using the correct download package. I believe dtbaker is using it in the install wizard he created. Dave, does your installer use TGM and were there any issue or caveats with that implementation?


You will need to include the github.php file in your item and make sure it’s loaded and remains updated. The class will do the rest. Basically what happens is the file will create an admin nag to notify the user that the plugin has not been installed or activated and will disappear once those actions have been performed. The install notice has a one-click install link that grabs the most recent version of the Envato Market plugin from the gh-pages branch, the envato-market.zip package is also used to update itself when a new distribution version is built.


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:


Hey @valendesigns! Really good work on this plugin. This will bring a lot of value to our items!


Yep it uses TGM for the market plugin and the other required plugins in the wizard.

This works along side the github nag file too with no issues. Having both github and TGM works nicely. TGM will nag them first to install all required plugins, and if they skip that they’ll get another nag from github :slight_smile:

But no if you have it in TGM then no real need for adding the github file. I’d probably prefer to see it added in TGM if TGM is already used in the theme. That way the user only gets a single plugin install nag and it will install everything in one hit, rather than a second click just for market plugin.

But if TGM isn’t used, use that github.php file

(Sorry on phone)