Fully automatic Plugin Install + Default Content + oAuth Theme Updates in a Wizard.

EDIT: UPDATED VIDEO DOWN BELOW - it’s working :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Code now available on Github here: https://github.com/dtbaker/envato-wp-theme-setup-wizard

Original post:

I’ve (finally) figured out how to make plugin installation and activation easy for buyers. SINGLE CLICK! yay!

Check out this installation wizard (a work in progress) but it handles all default plugin install/update/activation with a single click.

Quite a bit better than the back and forward needed when using the standard TGM update class.

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yeah, but how can we do that? could you share some tips please :smile:


Once it’s working I’ll share on github.

Getting default content and Envato oauth logon/updates working first :slight_smile:


Good job @dtbaker . I can not wait to put it on github :joy: .

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Awesome stuff as usual David!

Is the wizard from WooCommerce or custom?


Yep used the new Woo wizard as a base, modified from there :slight_smile:


Looks promising :smiley: I wish it could install included plugins (visual composer, theme’s plugins, rev slider…)

Thank man :+1:

Progress, hopefully have some code to share soon


Amazing! How about sharing the repo already? Perhaps we can help testing, with Issues and even Pull Requests?

Would love to give a look!


This looks remarkable!

Really cannot wait to get my hands on this!

oAuth login with automatic theme updates is complete.

Some polishing off and then I’ll be able to push the code up. It’s heavily integrated into this particular theme so I’m trying to rip it out a bit so the code works as more of a plugin. A bit hard when it’s pulling in settings and stuff from the theme but I’ll see how it goes.

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@dtbaker … But if you put the documentation is ok … :sunglasses:

I’m not very good at documentation lol

At least to understand how it works and how to implement this … :joy: a few sentences there.

Love to see this in my plugin. I think a wizard is the best way to introduce users with a feature rich theme/plugin.

This is where you can address most common questions and steps which cannot be included in automated progress. A plugin should work out of the box but if sometimes this isn’t possible.


Here’s the wizard working on a fresh WordPress 4.4 install:

I’m so excited about this!!

Those with a keen eye will see that it’s using the new Envato Market plugin to handle theme updates. No purchase codes needed any more :smiley:

Ok it’s midnight here so I’ll get some rest and tidy the code up for sharing tomorrow.


Nice work! Where does the “leave a 5-Star rating” link lead to?

just themeforest.net/downloads

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This is still not optimal. They should introduce a dedicate landing page like