Deprecating the Envato Toolkit WordPress plugin

Hi Authors,

It will soon be time to shut down the Envato Toolkit WordPress plugin. We’re encouraging authors to remove this plugin from their themes before it stops working, and replace it with the newer Envato Market plugin.

Back in in 2015 we announced that the old API endpoint was to be removed. The Envato Toolkit plugin makes use of this old API endpoint and so the plugin will stop working completely once the API is disabled. We also launched the new Envato Market WordPress plugin which is a suitable replacement for the Envato Toolkit plugin.

It has been great to see all the authors who have swapped from Toolkit to Market, but there are still a few remaining.

We are encouraging authors to check two things to ensure your customers have a smooth experience:

  • remove the Toolkit plugin from their theme ZIP files or TGM activation parameters, and replace it with the Envato Market plugin.
  • search their theme code for to ensure the old API isn’t used anywhere else.

Customers who still have the Toolkit plugin installed will soon see an update notification like this:

Once updated, a warning notice will appear within the WordPress dashboard. This is to encourage people to upgrade before the plugin stops working completely:

This notice will link people to which has some instructions for updating the plugin.


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