Envato Market plugin is not installed correctly

Hi… I could use some help. Every time I install the Envatomarket plugin to update the plugins from my bought theme (Amartha by Neuron) Wordpress mentions that the plugin was not installed correctly. I have deleted the plugin (also through my host in the back-end) re-installed a few times but every time this message comes up… I really need it because I need to update the NeuronCore plugin which can only be done through the Envatomarket plugin. This theme btw is one big drama, every time when they have an update the entire website crashes because of the Neuroncore plugin which apparently blocks Elementor updates etc. etc.


Envato Market WordPress Plugin required Envato API personal token. Have you created one with the required permissions?

Envato API personal token:

You can generate Envato API personal token here . Please make sure you set required Token permissions. It may prompt you to sign into your Envato account

Before you create a new token the following 3 permissions should be selected from the list of permission available on the Token page.

  1. View and search Envato sites (checked by default)
  2. Download the user’s purchased items
  3. List purchases the user has made

Hope this will help you.