Envato License Issue

There is an item i want to change the logo in the backend but author says i can’t change the logo. Changing of the logo is to match the brand name of my website. The confusion here is that the plugin comes with GPL but author says he owns the item so his logo should not be changed. But I know Envato license is for a single project and the buyer owns a license to customize to suit his project. Can someone correct me or give me more details on the issue. Thanks

You should be able to change it/customize the item as you wish but if it’s a modification to the "author’ information ( as to change the details to show the item as yours ), it’s not allowed.

Its the author’s logo that’s is displayed at the backend of the plugin, and he has instructed all buyers not to change it because he the author owns everything…And i needed interpretation from Envato Team if the author is right. Many buyers are complaining about the author’s logo but he does not want it changed.

The author is the owner of the item and if the removing the logo falls into showing the item belongs to you, he has right to ask you to not to change it. Although, you have right to modify the plugin as you wish so you may remove the logo ( not to change it )

You should contact the Envato support for further information but most likely they will support the item author.

There is no such any rule. I think you can just simply replace the existing logo with your logo. The main license rule is each license will be valid for a single end product (domain/website). You can’t use the same license for more than 1 end product (domain/website).

Thanks for the clarification sir…i asked because many of the buyers were worried because of what the author was saying.