Envato and Author who defines the License?

I have seen so many confusion when its comes to various types of item license, thus the Regular License and the Extended License. Some authors gives the buyer item source code that can be customized for a single item and other authors do not provide uncompiled source code until you buy the extended license. Other authors will allow you to change backend logo under the regular license and others wont let you until you buy extended license. My question here is that, don’t Envato Team has a general license policy that addresses all this? Does it means author controls how you will use the item through the comment section when a question is asked? Can someone from the team throw lights on this for me because many authors seems not to apply Envato License very well but choose to do their own thing.

The source code should be available for any type of license. Are you sure if it’s about the source code? When you purchase and download the item, you should be able to access all of the item source.

The difference between regular and extended license has nothing to do with this. It is solely about how/where an item is used.

This also should not be guided by license type

Licenses | ThemeForest then you can click through from here to more info about regular and extended licenses

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I just came across one item recently and the author does not provide uncompiled source code which the user can customize the frontend and the backend. The buyer can only do this if he buys the extended license and upon request ask for the original source code that will be given. So to implement your own payment and other modifications you cant do that until you have the extended…

If you are trying to modify the item to monetise it or use it for a purpose covered by extended licenses, then it’s a reasonable request, but all items should provide unrestricted source code regardless of the license you purchase

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Author says, the original vue files for both backend and frontend are not available with regular license.

That would be something to raise with support - I cannot see how they can do that but it’s not something that anyone in the forums would be able to confirm to take action against

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On the item details, it’s stated that VUE codes are available for “Extended License” so it’s not a “false advertisement” which the author may be offering the codes apart from the original ones but as @charlie4282 suggested you need to create a ticket on the support to get the issue investigated. In normal cases, authors are not allowed to use the license difference to sell some items exclusivity. What they should do is to upload the items as a new therefor the buyers should prefer if they would like to purchase the code or not. This may be a violation of the Envato rules.