customize an item for a client


Hello , Im very new here , I just wanted to ask about custom items.
A client just asked me on Codecanyon that if I can customize the item for him a little bit before he can buy it .
My question is how do I send the customized final product to the client or where do i upload it to.
Thank you in advance .


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You’d email it to them or upload it to somewhere like Dropbox and send them a link or share the folder with them.


Thank you for you help guys :slight_smile: , and do they have to buy the regular version of the item first or the extended one ? and how can I change the price for the custom item ?.


How you charge them is up to you, but there’s no way to charge them extra via Envato. You’ll have to charge them directly, how you do that is up to you, but I’d send them an invoice through Paypal.

As for which license they need… that’s kind of up to you. You’re allowed to use your own items in your freelancing work, and seeing you’re providing custom work rather than just sending them a copy of your item (which wouldn’t be allowed anyway) you can provide whatever type of license you want at whatever cost. For simplicity, you’ll be better using the existing terms of a regular or extended license on Envato, and to make sure you’re not short changing yourself, you should check if the client would have required a regular or an extended license if they were just buying the item directly, rather than having custom work done.

Maybe sounds like a complicated answer, but it’s a complicated question that depends on several factors.