How does this customisation process works ???


I am new author and i am from india yesterday I got my first item approved. I want to know that if any customer needs additional features or any customisation then how could I do this ??how could I access his script ?? How do I get my additional payment according to customisation ??? And does the envato involves in this process??
I am selling on codecanyon.

Please help me


If a buyer chooses to contact you and asks for customisation (bear in mind it’s not an obligation) then that’s between you and then and envato have no involvement at any stage.


Ok, so how could i do customization & get my payments ?? I selling first time on envato so i dont know about it



You can’t “market” customisations.

If someone asks you to do it then you need to talk o them and agree payment etc it is completely down to you and the buyer as to how this works and how you get paid.


thank you very much for your help, i was worrying about it. Thanks



You both could discuss it out. :slight_smile: