Envato is not Github!!!


At first, apologize for saying that my English is bad weak.

I recently posted a “digi countdown” project in Envato, but it was rejected. One of the users made an interesting comment that I thought we would discuss in a separate topic about it.
To reject my project, he referred to a similar project that is free and open source on the Internet.

In my view, the Envato target market should be more focused on end users rather than on the community of programmers.
Of course, programmers are also important, but a programmer has a lot of resources to implement and customize their code and has the technical capabilities necessary for this. According to a proverb: keep sb’s head above the water :wink:

Sites like Github are very useful to programmers, and they can get lots of free and easy free open source code.

But I’ve repeatedly encountered many people who do not know the Github and do not even know how to work with it, and because they do not know a line of code, the simplest code in the Github can not be compiled, installed or executed, and this is a challenge. For them.

A programmer needs can be repaired by the Github. But what about a final client who does not know how to program? Envato can help these people!

Software that may even exist in the Github is simpler, so that ordinary people can use them with just one click, or if they need an appearance, they will be provided. Then they will be available for sale in Envato, so non-programmer’s will also be able to use them.

In other words, a programmer receives free service from the Github, because knows knowledge it.
But a final customer pays for the Envato products because it has no programming knowledge.

Another issue is support, most of the projects on the Github do not provide commercially-supported support for low-level users, but Envato will allow end-users to get decent business support at a reasonable cost.

If you pay attention to these differences. Sure you agree with me that this is a incorrect idea, that if there’s a free and open source similar project on the Github, so there’s no place for it on the Envato!

And I emphasize that you can never tell a customer to download the program from the Github, but surely and safely you can tell buy it from the Enoto.

What do you think about this?

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