Integrating purchases in ordinary projects & hosting on Github

most of the time when we purchase items, we integrated them in ordinary Open-Source projects, usually hosted on Github of course. However, one of our repositories got taken down due to DMCA complain, I guess by the author.

I asked already here what the real license of a purchase on Envato is, or to which license it is compatible but we never got any response. So we took a closer look at the license again but it doesn’t seem to be a proper software license like ordinary licenses we know from proprietary and open source vendors, it looks rather like FAQ or guide-line which also has no real base to actually build derived software on it.

Long story short:

  1. Are Envato purchases compatible to Open-Source licenses projects or not ?

  2. Are we allowed to integrate purchases in open-source projects and host them on Github?

  3. If not, what can we do to make actually use of the purchases but remain legal, at least in Envato’s terms? I guess we have to use private git repositories and loose all the benefits of Open-Source and therefore any attempts to develop a purchase further together with willing contributors are not allowed too. Is that right ?

Sorry, just trying to make sense of it.

I’d appreciate any thoughts,

Some items are GPL compatible, some are not. If that’s the type of item you’re after then it’s best to check for that type of item before purchase. Search for GPL on CodeCanyon to see.

Some items have the “100% GPL” license. The code for these can be included in projects and distributed on github as per normal GPL guidelines.

There are some more details and examples here:

Otherwise no, your purchased item cannot be included in another product and distributed as source (without the authors permission).