Automatically Invite Buyers to Private Github Repo using Github & Envato API

Hello Authors,

Sharing you all a quick & simple tool I have made with Envato API and Github API.

Now you can automatically Invite Collaborators to your Private Github Repo based on Envato Market Purchases using Github API & Envato API

See Live Demo:

Its Open Source :partying_face:

Github Link:

The Cool thing is you can host this without any server using Vercel. Its written on Node JS Serverless Technology so that your API Tokens are Safe.

Fork & Make your own version. Let me know your thoughts.


Fenomenal, thanks for sharing!

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@powersupport Thank you. I’m glad at-least one person responded.

I thought I was talking to the black hole… :laughing:

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Really interesting that no one else find it useful - maybe we’re missing something? :slight_smile:

Just kiddin’, looks great and I am sure it will be useful for many of us. It really came up just as I was thinking of creating something similar for our needs so I was both glad and surprised at the same time :smiley:

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@powersupport This post does not have much views. So no one is finding it. But no problem. I have my own Chrome Extension called “Better Envato” to promote this :wink:

Excellent idea!

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@CodeRevolution Thank you. How did you find this post?

The Better Envato Chrome Extension suggested it to me. Are you the author of it? :slight_smile:

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@CodeRevolution Cool. So its working.

Yes. I’m the author :slight_smile: Thinking to Promote something for authors? or wanna Donate? Let me know :slight_smile:

Does this automatically remove access if the buyer’s purchase was revoked?

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@TitanSystems No. It will not yet.

Will that happen on refunds? To make that happen, we might need to do some cron jobs, open for PR

Nice work @surjithctly :+1:t2:

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It looks cool. I have some questions.

  • Do you limit 1 Github account - 1 purchase code?
  • What’s happen if customer refunds our product after he added into the private Github repository?
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@botble Could you explain? What you mean? Usually one purchase code is valid for only 1 item right?

However this tool allows you to add any number of github repo you own and map it to the template ID. If it matches they will get access.

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Thank you @thewebfosters

@surjithctly I mean if I use purchase code 10101010-10aa-0101-a1b1010a01b10 to add Github user A.
Can I use purchase code 10101010-10aa-0101-a1b1010a01b10 to add another user B or C?

yes. it currently does not store any data. So if the username changes, we can add multiple @botble

Do you think its good or bad?

Under the hood, the tool look for the purchase code in envato, if found, get the item id and check if the item ID is mapped as a repo in github, If yes, give access to that repo.

It’s not good. If I purchase your product then I can add all my team accounts into your Github repository, they can access your code and get the latest code every time you push code.

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@botble Yes, but that can happen with even one account right? They can still fork the code and share if they want.

In that case, we should allow use purchase code only one time. But for that we need a database to store. But you can make that happen.

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It looks really interesting :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for sharing @surjithctly! :raised_hands:

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