I am Author, I want to know all my buyer's purchase code.

Hey, Envato staff

I want to know all my items selling purchase codes so I build my own system to verify.

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You cannot just have a list, you need to work with Envato’s API to check that info https://build.envato.com/api/


Why, those are his customers after all, aren’t they?
So why would Envato deny him getting his customers list?

Presumably because the buyers agreement is with envato and their terms etc which almost certainly prevents them sharing confidential information directly with 3rd parties. An API call helps to manage and protect the process.

@baileyherbert is the technical genius here who may be able to improve on that answer or else ask Envato Author Support


please send my license code to (personal info removed)

Please see this Help Center article on how to find your purchase code:


The easiest way get pretty much all your buyers purchase code is to create a support website and in the support website registration you add a field to enter their purchase code in order to get registered. you can do this very easily using WordPress and any purchase code verify plugin that checks the purchase code on the registration if it is valid or not. If the purchase code is valid user get to register in your support website and you get all the registered users purchase codes.

link for purchase code plugins find the best that suitable for your needs: Envato Purchase code Plugins

But also you can implement that on your own using envato api and for that use this link for more information: How to verify a purchase code using the Envato API

Hope this helps…