Envato Hack Fort - November 2015

Hi Everyone.

We’re well and truly into our second Hack-a-thon for the year at Envato. A couple of times annually, staff are encouraged to form self-selected self-named and self organising teams, selecting a pet project to work on (and hopefully complete) for two weeks. We call it “Hack Fort” (two weeks is a “fortnight” in Australia) and many of its projects have gone on to become part of our live products. So I thought it might again be time to let you in on some of the things that our teams are racing on.

Depending on the team, there are projects that community members would notice and those you would not. Let’s start with the ones you would! In the next couple of days we’ll be launching:

  • Sales by region data for authors from the Icon team
  • Market status updates and Review queue waiting times by the Heartbeat team
  • A new media player by Team Corporate Shark Enterprise
  • Jingles. A trial service for buying and selling jingles by The Jingles

Look out for their posts in Envato Announcements!

There are also a few projects that you’ll see if you’re an open-source devotee. Envato engineers are always very keen to see their work form a developer community contribution. Hack Fort is a great time to be giving back in that way. Having others contribute to our work invariably makes it better too.

The Alien Autopsies are working at preparing our secure storage method (we call it “Area 51”) to one day become an open source project. The Stack Masters are sharing too. They’ll make open-source a gem we built for making AWS infrastructure setup easier. The Style Guides team (some teams opt for a less outlandish name!) are extending the newly open-sourced Guide Gem, adding our “single sign on” elements to its library.

Finally, here are some projects you might never know about, unless you read about it here!

Malgranda Mondo (Esperanto for “Small World” I’m told) are trying to make it possible to translate (and test) at least part of our site. It’s a short experiment, with great long-term potential if it works.

Harvey Birdman & The Legal Eagles are keen to give the Envato legal department greater autonomy in bringing you those important legal doc updates. Email to the People wants to make it easier to identify and contact specific groups of Market users, when only those people need to know.

Age of Empires is hard at work on Envato’s developer tooling. They’ll be providing our teams with a Heroku-like deployment tool, to bring their code to you easier and faster. For testing their features and making them available, our developers rely on a custom toolbar they built themselves. The Stealth Mountain team are giving that an revamp.

Hope you see something that gets you excited, or at least gets you thinking!


thank you for paying attention to what we are waiting for envato, that’s a great one :wink:


I approve of this message.

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Market status updates and Review queue waiting times by the Heartbeat team

Part one is now live!

status.envato.com is a place where our community can view metrics on the performance of the Envato sites.

As the site is externally hosted it is able to provide up-to-date and accurate site analytics even during down time.

Data available to you includes Availability of Envato.com, SSO (account.envato.com), Envato Market (including FTP and our API), Envato Studio & Envato Tuts+, with more services to follow.

We have the capability for a live incident log to keep you updated when things aren’t running quite as they should be.

Please do let us know what you think!

We are putting the finishing touches to part two, the review queue waiting times. I’m sure you’re going to :green_heart: this when it launches.


this sounds great so thumbs up for this :wink: thanks to all who are making useful things for authors

Great to being going back to the review queue bar!

who is in the icon team i freakin’ love it new sales data yesssss c:

What is “Jingles. A trial service for buying and selling jingles by The Jingles”?. It would be too cool just to have just a bit of a clue :smile:

I hope its per Marketplace like Themeforest Review Times, CodeCanyon review times etc…

Also, As a Part 3, any chance @johnsyweb to add it to the Envato API ?

Looking forward to it!

Awesome! thumbs up for this hack event :smile:


Any plans on bringing this info into the “Author Dashboard Pending Upload” area or will it be kept separate on status.envato.com ? Thanks!

I am getting goosebumps for your hack event!! Excited!

Hey Guys.

How about API:

a. Option to answer to comments via API, you promised that will be done, but it’s almost half year and never got done.

b. Option to show all the comments that doesn’t have an answer,

Can’t wait for some of these updates, especially review queue update.

Add review queue times to the API? It’s not beyond the realms of possibility. I cannot make any promises, though.

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Hey! I have a farm for “Jingles” :smiley: :smile:

Glad to see the comments here and it’s encouraging to hear that you’ve like what you’ve seen! The status, review and sales data projects in particular seem to have struck a chord. Our teams are done with their Hack Fort projects now. We’ll see what comes of our next Hack Fort in 2016. I’ll post again then.

Great “Hack Fort”. Is the review queue status live or is it postponed till 2016?

Hey Hack Fort peoples!

The new “Envato Market” plugin is coming really soon. This will let buyers install/update WordPress purchased themes/plugins easily.

In its current form this will place a huge additional load on the API. Think about thousands upon thousands of WordPress installs hitting authenticated API endpoint checking for the “theme/plugin” version number.

A quick way to avoid this may be to create a new versions.envato.com service that we can hit (unauthenticated) to get the latest version of a WordPress theme/plugin. This can be cached and would greatly reduce load on the API.

Something like http://version.envato.com/2833226 would return {"2833226":"3.8.7"} and something like http://version.envato.com/2833226,242431 would return {"2833226":"3.8.7","242431":"4.8.1"}

If any of the hack teams are wrapping up maybe they can take a stab at this? The Envato Market plugin is getting close to release. :slight_smile: